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Plenty of Buyers Are Still Active Today: Infographic

Are you hesitating to sell your house because you think there are no buyers in the current real estate market? Think again! Recent data reveals that buyers remain active, even in the face of higher mortgage rates. This is a clear indication that there is a strong demand for homes, and those who are in a position to buy are making their moves right now.
If you’ve been holding off on selling due to the misconception that no one is buying, it’s time to reconsider. The reality is quite the opposite—buyer traffic remains robust in today’s real estate landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Connect with a Blue Marlin real estate agent who can help you get your house in front of these eager buyers.

For more insights and statistics on the current real estate market, you can also check out the July 2023 Showing Index results.

  • Holding off on selling your house because you believe there aren’t any buyers out there?
  • Data shows buyers are still active, even with higher mortgage rates. This goes to show, people still want to buy homes, and those who can are moving now.
  • Don’t delay your plan to sell for fear no one is buying. The opposite is true and buyer traffic is still strong today. Connect with a Blue Marlin real estate agent to get your house in front of these buyers.


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